In all areas of business, the business faces the risk of legal action being taken against them in respect of their legal liability for personal injury, property damage or even financial loss.

Liability cover is essentially designed to protect the policyholder’s interests against such risks and these needs can be met in a variety of different ways for differing types businesses.

Public & Product Liability and Employers Liability Insurance quotes made readily available for Irish business, organisations and individuals engaged in a wide range of occupations and activities.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: professional liability insurance for Irish domiciled business and individuals – a full range of professions and occupations at very competitive rates and excellent coverage.

What type of Liability Cover do I need?

This will depend upon the nature of your business or your activities/work but some key areas of liability cover are explained as follows

  1. Public Liability Insurance – protection against claims in respect of legal liability for personal injury and property damage from third parties.
  2. Product Liability Insurance – protection against claims in respect of legal liability for injury or damage arising from the supply of a product.
  3. Employers Liability Insurance – protection against claims from employees in respect of liability for injury, disease or death during employment.
  4. Professional Indemnity Insurance – provides cover if you become legally liable to a member of the public following an error or omission in the professional advice or service you have provided your client and as a result have suffered a financial loss.
  5. Medical Malpractice Insurance – protection against claims in respect of “injury” sustained in connection with medical and related services.