Benefits and Features of the Network

Source is a network of Irish Professional Insurance Brokers who work collaboratively to develop unique Commercial Insurance packages for its member broker firms to suit the specific need of the small to medium sized commercial business. Source group itself does not sell or advise on insurance covers or products – Insurance products and advice is only available from the actual member firms who each are individually regulated for these activities by The Central Bank of Ireland.

Through our strength as a group, we have negotiated with National and International firms, superior insurance packages that are available only from a member broker of the Source network. By pooling our collective  experience and market knowledge, we have devised some excellent cover features on insurance products that are available only when buying from one of our member firms. Source itself is not an actual insurance provider, nor does it advise on products – Source is the mechanism that brings the expertise together, and when you want to get advice or buy product, we direct you to a member nearest you.

To add true value to an insurance product it must be backed by advice. The advice you get comes from your chosen local member of the Source Broker Network and this is where we truly distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

Buying from a Source broker not only means competitive pricing and wide policy wording, it also means local access to expert advice. Remember that each of our members are actually regulated individually in their own right by the Central Bank of Ireland, so you the consumers are fully protected.

All Source Brokers are members of Brokers Ireland and are regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


Derek Balfe