Market Information

Burke Insurances advise that they recently had a 10 bedroom B&B with a Pub Licence – In flood area. Only market they had for this was Lloyds . Lost case to O’Learys who appear to have placed the business with AXA – for 30% less than the cheapest of alternative markets!!

Airside Cover
Recent case where broker client was looking to do work on office and admin building in Airport. Airside cover required with Public liability limit of €127,000,000. Cover was sourced via Citynet with Marsh UK who have scheme for short period cover for Airside giving the required limits . As motor cover ‘ airside ‘ is not deemed Road Traffic Act the third party motor ‘airside’ risk is picked up under this  short period policy – Contact Citynet. (Burke Insurances)

Some information that just came to light at Burke Insurances – Note you have to be registered with Bord Failte for keeping paying guests before RSA will cover you …their safehome rates automatically give cover for up to 6 paying guests (but from this year you have to be registered). Burke Insurances had a case recently where the client was with RSA for years and her policy lapsed – they would not take her back on as she was not registered.