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McSharry & Foley

If a client rings and has no reg and you get ABI code for a similar type vehicle and input a dummy reg – Beware –Axa pull in the ABI code of the registration you put in – so it could cause issues if this is a lower rated vehicle.

Liberty appear to be charging direct clients €52.50 admin for alterations even temp (you might want to verify this) Might be way of holding or placing a case as not the same via broker.

Liberty are ok with retired person on Commercial Van.

On HIQS changing a Proposer from Unknown to Retired/Employed will change the outcome/number of Insuers quoting.

Hickey Clarke & Langan & Eversure will quote Home Insurance for people residing outside Ireland, who have houses here rented.

Farmers – Wrightway: Wrightway are currently doing a project to identify if the Farmers on Commercial Motor are actually farmers. They are requesting more info, and herd numbers etc.

If a client is involved in growing trees, veg, has chickens, is involved in horses and are calling themselves Farmers, this is not acceptable to WW and we are investigating more thoroughly when clients give this as an occupation.

Burke Insurances Ltd. 

Just something we came across recently on some Lloyds Holiday Home wordings. They have a condition that premises have to be inspected by someone every two weeks.  Most other Insurers e.g. AXA/RSA only have that premises need to be kept on eye on by someone!

If you take on new business where there has been a claim in previous years  – say other than Motor or Home where the system may record it anyhow – You should input the claims details on to your Relay / Open GI system so that in future years you avoid re-broking the risk assuming no previous claims.

Good idea to put a note/ memo with all home insurance renewals pointing out need to advise if a house is a listed property as many houses have been listed in last ten years that therefore would never have been and it may save a lot of hassle with a claim.

On PI policies when someone lapses same it’s a good idea, as a matter of procedure, to write to client pointing out the ‘Claims Made’ nature of cover they had and  that they have lapsed a PI ‘Claims Made’ policy  and that if a claim arises at a future date they will have no cover  regardless of the fact that they may have had cover when the alleged incident giving rise to the claims took place – It’s really good practice and may save yourself a PI claim at a future date.

Tim Barneville in ARB will quote Professional Indemnity risks covering Engineers that work in a Pharmaceutical Company.

Brady Insurances 

OPEN GI users- We have discovered on motor quotes for OPEN GI that when you record the licence for an EU driver, you must record it as Country “EU”, Type “Polish or Spanish” etc. If you record as “Full Licence” and then “Polish” – It will transmit to Allianz as it is a full Irish licence. It doesn’t affect the rate but causes problems if you ever need to take off Full Cycle.

Aviva Surgery – We discovered that to proceed with this, you must contact Martina prior to inception and not after. Initially we had been told to incept and then seek an endorsement but Aviva wish to be advised first.

Henchy Insurances

Henchy Insurances have recently used x/s direct for hard to place Co. Cars, you can process as individual car and they can note their system internally that it is registered in a Co, Name.

O’Mahony Walsh Corrigan Murray Ltd.

SUS will give quote for country pubs.