Liability Insurance – Provided by member Burke Insurances 

A lot of self employed tradesmen think they are covered under their liability policy if they get injured on site.

Am I covered if I injure myself on site?
No. You would not be covered if you injured yourself. Only if you cause damage to property or cause injury to a third party.



We would recommend that you take out a separate Personal accident policy which will cover you 24 hours a day for any accident or injury which may occur.

Holiday Home Insurance – provided by Sheridan Insurances Cavan 

Some important and essential information you should be aware of when insuring your Holiday Home.

What should I be aware of when inuring my Holiday Home?
Because of a lot of recent claims over the last 18 months as a result of the increasing adverse weather, you need to pay particular attention to your policy wording and warranties.


Make sure that conditions such as:

  • The home heating system being switched on during certain months such as November to February
  • The water system & tanks being drained and switched off
  • The property not left for periods of more than 30 days
  • The loft hatch to be left open The property to be check every 7 days by a competent person

These are just a few to mention. If you do not comply with these, a claim can be refused on the grounds that you did not meet your policy conditions and terms.

Accidents & Claims  Information provided by  Michael Henchy Insurances Limerick 

Expert information when dealing with the unfortunate event of a motoring accident, what to do and how to do it.

What should I do if I have an accident?
Each year, thousands of people are involved in car accidents. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident or collision do you know what you should do? Here are some helpful tips:
  • Once you have an accident – Remain calm, switch off the engine and put on your hazard lights in order to warn on coming traffic of any danger
  • Make sure you and any passenger are not seriously injured
  • Call the Gardai and ambulance if necessary
  • Exchange information

Exchange and collect the following information

If you are involved in an accident with a third party you should :

  • Name & Address
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Company & Policy Number (Insurance Disc on windscreen)
  • Confirm with the other driver they are the registered owner of the vehicle, if not ask for the owner’s contact details
  • Take a note of the registration number
  • Time and date of the accident
  • Make a note of the road conditions
  • Use your mobile phone camera to take pictures of the damage to your and the third parties vehicle. If you do not have a camera write a description of the damage and draw a sketch of the accident as this will help in any insurance claim lodged
  • If anyone leaves the scene of the accident without exchanging information phone the Gardai immediately

Making a Claim

Report the accident to your insurance broker as soon as possible even if you are not going to claim against your insurance. You may be asked to fill out an accident report form or the claims department may accept your details over the phone. Ask the person looking after your claim for their name and telephone number and your claim reference number. Request a list of all relevant documentation and information that your insurers

will require to process the claim for you.

Before you take your car to the garage to be repaired check with your broker to make sure the garage has been approved by your insurance company. If you take your car to the garage and have work carried out and the garage is not an approved garage this may hold up your claim being processed. In some instances your insurers may ask an insurance assessor to take a look at your vehicle. Keep all quotes and repair receipts you receive throughout the claim in a safe place as you may be asked to produce these by your insurers.

Your insurers will deal with your claim quickly and efficiently as long as they have all the relevant information.

Employers Liability Cover – information provided by member Gogan Insurances 

Some important and essential information regarding Employers Liability Cover that you should know.

Will my household insurance cover me to employ a man to repair my unfurnished house let to a tenant?
No. There is no employer’s liability cover in the building section of a household policy.
Professional Indemnity Policy Information provided by Sheridan Insurance Wexford 

Some important and essential information regarding Professional Indemnity Policies that you should know.

How does cover on Professional Indemnity policy differ from a Public Liability policy?
The main difference in terms of cover is that a Public Liability policy covers liability for events occurring during the period of cover, irrespective of when claim is made, whereas the Professional Indemnity policy covers claims first made during the period of cover.